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    Campo Al Noce
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    Bolgheri wines - Tuscany
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Winery Campo Al Noce
Bolgheri - Tuscany

The entire production is aimed at searching for the highest quality possible. All of my energy and passion is put toward growing and producing the wine, not to only bring great wine to your table but give you something that makes you think about our land: Bolgheri and the entire Tuscany area. [ Pierluigi Sgariglia ]

Our wines, rigorously DOC Bolgheri

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  • Company: Azienda Agricola CAMPO AL NOCE
    Mr. Pierluigi Sgariglia
  • Adress: Loc. Campo al Noce, 151
    57022 BOLGHERI (Livorno)
    Tuscany - Italy
  • Tel: +39 380 2519233 - Fax +39 0565 749638
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